Why Invest in Early Childhood?


High quality early childhood education helps children and families build critical skills, habits and brain structures — all of which contribute to healthy lifestyles, which in turn contribute to improved academics, social development, physical health and earning potential.

Research on investing along the human lifespan tells us that dollars invested in high quality early childhood programs (birth through age 5) offer the greatest returns.

When we are born, our brain is 25% developed, and yet 90% of the brain is developed before children enter the kindergarten door!

Leaders from all sectors of society -- business, economic development, education, criminal justice, social services -- agree that a high quality early childhood system is critical for a thriving society.


Why Does High Quality Matter?

Over 70% of American children will spend time in childcare in their early years. High quality childcare enhances the lives of children - these children perform better in school in later life and eventually become more highly renumerated tax-paying citizens.

Low quality child care is detrimental to children.

It is estimated that over 60% of child care in America would be rated "low quality". Children whose comprehensive needs are not met as a result of low-quality early child care enter kindergarten with developmental deficits that keep them behind in school. A child who starts behind is likely to stay behind.

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