Parenting Communities

What is Parenting Communities of Leelanau County?

Parenting Communities of Leelanau County is a family support program, operated by the Leelanau Early Childhood Development Commission. Parenting Communities of Leelanau County seeks to promote healthy children living in stable, nurturing families, supported by strong communities that provide comprehensive, supportive services. To contact or for more information please call: (231) 680-0610 or email For events and updates,


Parenting Communities is an opportunity to...

  • meet other parents and families
  • make discoveries about yourself as a parent and your child
  • understand a bit more about child development
  • access resources you might be seeking
  • make sense of the complexities of raising a family
  • reflect upon your family life, parenting, child, relationships
  • have fun

Through Parenting Communities, you have access to:

  • Other families
  • Weekly playgroups
  • Home visits
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Developmental screenings
  • Parent education groups
  • Resource and referral support
  • Wrap around services
  • Preschool & kindergarten connections

Your family is welcome to participate in any PC activities regardless of where you live.

What are Home Visits?

Home Visits are for any parent who wants them. Some parents want a deeper conversation than they can find in groups, some parents are working through complex issues and want someone to help them, some parents want to connect with a Parenting Communities coordinator outside of the playgroup or parent group discussion experience.

More About Home Visits: 

  • focus on the needs and questions of YOUR family
    • want help brainstorming ideas for a tricky part of your family's or child's day? 
    • want to learn about resources available to support families in our community?
    • need someone to listen or help as you sort through a complex problem or challenging time?
  • can be a one-time visit or many visits
  • can be in your home or at a location away from your home
  • are based on the Five Protective Factors

Home Visitors:

Kathy Bartell
Glen Lake
(231) 510-7883                             

The Five Protective Factors form the framework of everything we do:

• Social Connections
• Knowledge of child development and parenting
• Social and emotional competence of children
• Parental resilience
• Concrete supports in times of need

Parenting Communities staff also works closely with: 

  • The Health Department -- to ensure that families have access to health care.
  • Leelanau County schools -- to ensure that your children transition into school well.
  • Many of the human service agencies -- to ensure that you get the help you need when you need it.
  • Five Protective Factors

    Research-based strategies that contribute to the health and well being of children, families and communities

LCC Leland (231) 256-7841  /  Email:
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