The Denoyer Family

Our girls are wonderfully comfortable in the loving, caring arms of LCC. After researching the Leelanau Children's Center, we wanted our family to be a part of this special place.

The people who are nurturing our children are all members of our community and some of them we have known for a long time. As parents, this strengthens our own relationships and connections. LCC helps us be informed, involved and excited to be engaged in our community.

This is where we feel LCC’s unique emphasis on relationships makes a significant difference for children and families. Our girls feel safe, secure and loved. They are blooming, becoming independent of our presence and excited to learn. 

We are so grateful to have become part of the LCC family and community.

Scott and Ashley Denoyer


The Wainwright Family

Dear Awesome Staff at Leelanau Children's Center!!!

Every child born into this world should have the opportunity to experience care at the level you provide. You are incredibly important people to the world. Not many people possess the character, patience, and selflessness you all exuberate. What you give every day as individuals and a team is nothing short of universal incredibleness!

We would like to offer our gratitude to the entire group of people who make Aiden’s development possible. He becomes a better person by simply being in your presence. The positive exposure he experiences while he’s in your care shows in everything he does and by the things he tells us on our drives to and from the Northport Children’s Center.

He really loves being at LCC. There was a time he missed it. I was not sure how to make him not to have to miss it. When he received a scholarship he was able to return to LCC, a place for which he shows unique excitement. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to extend our sincere gratefulness to all of you involved in providing our son with a developmentally appropriate program. As we said before, we believe every child deserves the kind of care being provided at the Leelanau Children's Center. We are thankful that our son experiences such support.


Thank you again!! And again, and again for giving our family this opportunity!!

Ryan Wainwright & Pearl Roman


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