The Leelanau Children's Center is a celebration of community spirit and admiration of young children and their families. LCC was founded by a Mom who sought to provide a place where parents and  their preschool aged children could play together, learn from one another, and develop relationships.

Despite decades of growth and program enhancements, these roots remain our primarily philosophical charge: do what we can to help parents and young children flourish. This charge has guided LCC to develop world class early childhood programs that provide nourishing experiences for young children and their families.

The early childhood years are a period of dynamic and extraordinary development. The young child is building his /her brain architecture, learning habits and social skills that will carry him/her through life. We believe that careful attention and deep curiosity about development in these years can make a world of difference to each child.

Our Values

Key values guide our decision making, promote our practice, and support our mission.

Relationship-based practice

We know that human beings have essential needs: food, shelter and human connections. We know that without any of the three, people languish, do not develop adequately and meet an untimely death. On the other hand, when the three essentials are robustly provided, humans typically thrive. LCC is all about a thriving society, so relationship-based practice has become a defining value of our work. Research supports this approach, and Leelanau County is a locale rich in relationships, an approach that fits our community marvelously.

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Rich Interactions

Humans develop based on interactions and experiences.  We develop well when the interactions are rich and appropriate. We develop poorly when interactions and experiences are paltry or inappropriate. Healthy development is the goal of LCC and among our primary values is supplying children and families with rich and nourishing interactions with people, concepts, materials, ideas, etc.

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Sustainability is a value that runs through all aspects of our work. We believe that we must make decisions that take a cause and effect approach, examining the potential effects of our actions. We like to believe that we consider our effect seven generations into the future.

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