Five Protective Factors

Once upon a time, educators and health and human services professionals believed that sorting the population by "risk factors" was the best way to plan effective and supportive programs.

More recently, we have recognized that difficult circumstances may visit any person or family, placing them at risk of a variety of unfavorable outcomes. Risk factors are mutable and do not define a person (although frequently it feels as though we have been defined by the risk factors ascribed to us!)

The ‘new normal’ approach to program planning is to focus upon Protective Factors. This body of thought recognizes that when we assist children and families in developing and maintaining protective factors, they will be better able to face difficult circumstances when they arise.

The Five Protective Factors form the framework of everything we do

  • Knowledge of child development and parenting
  • Social and emotional competence of childre
  • Social Connections
  • Parental resilience
  • Concrete supports in times of need
We love the protective factors approach because protective factors are portable, strength-based and help us define healthy lifestyles. We are devoted to helping parents develop and maintain resiliency.

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