How does LCC implement values of...

Rich Interactions?

  • Our natural playscapes offer children boundless opportunities to observe, explore, and act upon the environment;
  • Our beautiful building and classrooms offer children endless play experiences;
  • Our daily routine is designed to support all areas of development;
  • Our morning music circle creates a wonderful invitation and kick off to the day;
  • Constructivist curriculum planning ensures that our curriculum is relevant to the children and full of exploration;
  • We use authentic assessment tools to ensure that we understand and support the development of each child;
  • Our staff development program keeps our staff learning and growing;
  • Our staffing patterns are consistent and predictable;
  • Our staff are devoted and passionate about the work;
  • Our choice to seek and maintain accreditation means that we are willing to undergo rigorous self and peer examination, and make the programming changes that will promote high quality.
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